The first catch of the 8 kilo Golden Trevally caught in Pancake Creek south

of Gladstone.Annie cooked it in breadcrumbs and served it with chips and salad.

We washed it down with a bottle of 2009 Marlborough Cab Sav. I have a feeling it

won’t be the last big catch on this adventure.





The Trevally frame made some great crab bait and landed us 6 muddies next day.

Unfortunately 3 had skirts so they went back to the crabberdashery. The boys however

 made a great meal, and they were so full. Pancake never seems to dissapoint us everytime

we pass through, maybe we are just lucky?



A cup of tea, a book and you have a great trip up the Sandy Straights. Ralf and Annie on

the front lounge.