Pancake Creek on the turn of the tide. Great for crabs and few days stopover when heading north.

We got sick of eating fish so Annie cooked up a roast duck for dinner, jeeese some people do it tough.

 One of the few calm days as we cruised into the Percy Group of Islands on our crossing to the Whitsundays.



Our little deckie, Ralf checking out the beach for any trees to visit. He simply loves going ashore.

Another feed of crabs. It sure makes up for all the times we missed out setting the pots due to bad weather.


A side shot of ‘Liberty’ showing the bike on the upper boat deck. It sure gets some looks from the yachties.

Sunsets on the Whitsundays are always picturesque.


Gloucester Island in the background. We anchored up to have a meal in the ‘Eco’ resort on the beach.