First official view of the Whitsundays,with South Moll Isl. in the forground. A beautiful cloudless day.


We are in Townville’s Ross River Harbour. Is this what is left of our Navy?




Townville Port is very busy with sugar shipments. I counted 7 ships loading at the one time.


Whales everywhere we go. Unfortunately these didn’t want to play for the camera.


Approaching the spectacular Hinchinbrook Isl. Lucinda’s 3 mile long sugar terminal in far left of photo


A shot thru the windscreen coming into the Hinchinbrook Channel just before sunset.

Haycock Isl. where we anchored for the first night. These reflections captured early morning


Hinchinbrook, serenity and beauty before the wind disturbs the moment.


A 5 ft. Bronze Whaler, not what you would expect in a crab pot. The greedy bugger drowned himself.


He measured 5ft 6”. Compared to Ralf he was massive. Weighed about 50 kilo. Wrecked the pot.


I couldn’t lift him at all. I was under the opinion that the crocodiles wiped out the sharks up here…no!










We decided to cut some slabs off for crab bait before feeding what was left to the crocodiles.