Cape Melville oysters. These are 4 inches across. 10 fed both of us totally.


 Queenfish by the dozen to be caught if one wanted. We threw them all back.


  Another Queenie goes back to join the school already caught once.


  Monster Trevally attacked  constantly. Most went 15 kg plus and fought like buggery.


Sometimes I would have to get into the dinghy to play them around the anchor chain.


A 40 pounder after 20 minute fight on 20kg braid using 6’o’ hook and dead Hardyheads.


A massive 20 kg “Morgan” Cod. great fighter, even better to eat.


All these great fish were caught on light tackle, 6ft Shimano spinner using 20kg braid.


This is the massive mouth of the Cod. No wonder he swallowed the hook, line and sinker


The huge boulders of Cape Melville as a backdrop behind S.V. “Thylacines”.