This is a transmission cooler that blew and drained the gear box of oil. Very expensive experience.




Our main transport whenever we are in port. We crane it up to the boat deck when we sail.



A 20 kg black Trevally caught at night off the Palm Islands. Took a live herring and fought for 20

 minutes on 25 kg braid and a single 6’O’ hook. We caught several but only kept one.









Kerry from the Marina (manager) shows off his V.W powered Trike Bike. We had a ride, it was great.


Kerry’s wife operates scenic ride around the island on the ‘Trike’ Big Red…try it, it’s a real buz.


A must do if you visit Magnetic Island and want to see the Island and all it’s wonderful  views.

Go to our Recommendations section for  booking details for Blue Acid Trike and Harley Tours.



An aerial shot of Nelly Bay Marina (2008) showing the perfect setup for our extended stay before we

sail north. Magnetic Isl. has almost everything a boater and a tourist would want.