A nice Spanish Mackeral on an old skirted lure.

Just as I pulled him in the skirt broke off and I lost the lure.

This part of the coast is alive with huge pelargics and one could catch dozens if one had the need or refrigeration.

We could hardly fit the fillets into the freezer as we are fully stocked for a couple of months away from supermarkets.

I guess Fish and chips for dinner tonight.



The two huge hooks were still imbedded from the lure and took some recovering.


A plaque commemorating one of our early explorers who obviously upset the local natives!!


Portland Roads on the way to Cape York. A WW2 port for the US Navy during the Coral Sea battle.

Ralf,s 10 birthday (70 doggy years). He got a mince patty cake with a candle. We had a glass of wine.


The sailing vessel Thylacines travelling with us up the coast. Skipper Jerry and “Admiral” Susanne.


Relaxing on Forbes Island during a sundowner session. That’s Ralf buried in the sand on my right.


A snapshot of the Plotter as we passed through the Albany Passage. Note the speed, we had a 4 knot current.

Monument to Captain James Cook on ‘Possession Island”. Here he declared Australia for the King. Had it

been in modern times then L.J. Hooker may have had a “Sold” sign up.


An old pearling lugger at Seisia that has seen better days. There would be some great history if we knew.