We find hundreads of foreign floats on deserted beaches all the way up the coast



Liberty off Morris Island. Note the bike on the top boat deck. It travelled the whole way

And became our transport  in every port we stayed.


\Annie’s herb garden flourishes in the tropical heat up north. Fresh herbs anytime.


The Alumina factory at Gove. Employes about 2000 locals. The only reason Gove exists.

Because of the long times at sea we have to make our own bread. Sampling the first

hot rolls with butter and  vegemite…yum !



Half kilo loaves last us for about 3 days.


We put Liberty on the creening rack at Gove to check the anodes and scrape some of

The sea grass off her bottom. The anti foul wa still in good condition after 18 months.


A 22 kilo Spanish Mackeral caught on a live bait under a baloon.


A nice Kimberley Golden Trevally Annie got while trolling a spinner in the dinghy.


Liberty in the King George River Kimberley.


Annie in the distance standing in the great ‘Amphitheatre’. A spectacular water fall

Appears here in the wet season. The cliffs are over 200 feet high.


A close up of the Amphitheatre. I played the national Anthem on my harmonica

To feel and hear the sound effects, it was awsome.


We climbed the ragged cliffs to explore the billabongs and rich tropical ravines at

The top of the amphithetre. The water id fresh and cool…and no crocs!!


One of the views from the cliff top. Note our dinghy on the far left.


Liberty from the top. She looks so small from here.


The view was worth the climb to the top. It took us an hour to get up.


One of the smaller waterfalls almost drying at Casurina creek.


Another perspective on Casurina. Plenty of crocodiles in this area.


The new resort at the Berkley River. That is the bar in the background that we had

To get over befor entering the river.


A slab of natural rock showing ‘wave’ formations caused by the raging flood waters

Over millions of years.


Another beautiful billabong above the waterfalls surrounded by pandanas palms.


An ancient aboriginal painting in one of the caves.


A tourist boat edging up to a waterfall to have a bath and collect  fresh water.



This is one half of the famous twin falls in King George river.


Almost dry (July) during the wet you cannot get within 500 meters of these.


The other half of the twin falls.


The honey comb effect of the water and the sand stone looks very artistic.


The grand view from atop the twin falls. A great climb and even a better view.

The furtherest boat is our Liberty.


These canyons were calved out by water over millions of years.


Just to prove we did the climb.


I thought I should put your photo in too Peter. This is Peter from “Seawhiskers”


Another set of falls. Note the rope centre of screen. One can haul one’s self up the

cliff with the rope.



Another Spanish Mackeral. Almost everytime we threw out a spoon we hooked up.


Just cruising up the rivers in the Kimberley is spectacular scenery on it’s own.


That is Casurina Mountain in the background with the flat top.


We came across this luxury yacht on the Berkeley. Rare to see big power boats up here.


Cliffs every where rising up, some as high as 250 feet.


12 miles of sheer cliffs as we cruise up the Berkley River.



To enjoy the view sometimes I steer the boat with a hand remote from the deck lounge.



Rock strata that shows all the layers of sedentary rock millions of years old.



Constant navigating, checking charts to avoid rocks and sand bars.


And finally we pass a rock monolithe that sits overlooking the Kimberley that seems

 to say “Thankyou for visiting, come again some time”.