If the product or service works well and is good value for money we will recommend it. If it doesn’t come up to our expectations or fails to be good value we will  not recommend it and we give you our candid reasons why we wouldn’t use the product or service again.  The cruising environment is hard on  many products and they must perform in spite of the harsh conditions.


WATER MAKER (Desalinator) Recommended Product

We used to use and still recommend the “Spectra” brand of desalinators.

Email: Web: & Phone +61 7 3283 7800

Unfortunately they only make a D.C. version and this time we wanted A.C. power for large volume water making, so we researched all the other brands and have discovered the “Echo-Tech” We have fitted one and can now make around 135 lph of crystal clear water every time we start the generator. The great feature of these desalinators is their simplicity and robust design. There are no circuit boards to blow up, just all mechanical stuff that’s built to last. for more info call Peter Coleman
 Ph: +61(0)413 266 204


TELEVISION AERIAL  Recommended Product

There are a few on the market and I have tried almost all of them over the years.  The Saturn 3000 is our choice and it seems to be the choice of a lot of boaties. Originally designed to give good reception for motor homes and caravans it didn’t take long for the boating industry to quickly take advantage of this product. Don’t be persuaded to buy a cheaper brand as they seldom work effectively under salt water conditions. Contact Peter or Margaret on 1800 443 471 or email to for more information.


AQUALUMA LIGHTS   Recommended Product

We have used these great additions to all our boats for over 7 years now and fully recommend them to everybody who cruises, fishes or just sits at the marina and has a drink.

 It’s well known among top anglers that underwater lights have a huge drawing power for attracting all species of fish at night. Perfect for the avid fisherman, these lights are not only attractive to the boater but naturally attract fish and all sorts of marine animals, filling the waters beneath your boat with all sizes and types. Turn the back of your boat into a private aquarium These lights are a must for serious boaters, with easy and affordable installation. For more info contact them at 07 5519 4555  or email - .


GARMIN     Recommended Product

We are proud to say we have fitted exclusively Garmin navigation and pilot equipment to our boat. The multi function screens are space savers and have all the navigation aids a skipper needs right at his fingertips. The auto pilot is one of the hardest working components on our boat as we use it on all legs. It functions superbly and I have total confidence in it to guide us safely to all our destinations. The only critisism I have with Garmin is their almost total lack of customer service and backup advice when it is most needed. I have tried on several occasions to seek advice from head office and it is nigh on impossible to get the info one needs. They have a young girl ask what the problem is and then she says she will pass it on to the “right’ technician and when he is not to busy he will get back to me. Garmin….NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! Pick up your game or people will buy another product that will offer service.


XANTREX Inverters.  recommended product

We have used these great inverters for years on board boats. They will run a swag of 240 volt equipment in the background without any fuss…some of it runs 24 /7.


MASTERVOLT . Recommended Product.

After trying a few brands of battery charger and wanting to effectively look after a big bank of house batteries (i.e. 1200 amp hours of storage),we chose the Mastervolt brand because it was the most innovative and feature packed unit on the market. When you cruise you have to have reliable ‘house’ power and to insure that we get safe, fast, and reliable charging when running the generator. The longer you run the genny the more money it costs you, and these units do it fast and safely. We have now fitted a “Mass Combi” unit which is an inverter (2500 watts) and a charger (100 amps) to replace our aging units. These units are state of the art on the market. & Phone +61 7 3283 7800





As you leave the Gold Coast there are many Marinas to  choose from as you cruise north.



There are 4 marinas here to choose from, three of them in Scarborough Harbour, and one in the Newport Channels. They are ‘Scarborough Marina’, a medium priced marina but very crowded and badly designed especially if you have a boat over 50 feet.The next one is Moreton Bay Boat Club. They have very few vacant berths most times but worth a call as the price is good and the facilities are excellent. The third one is The Redcliffe Marina which is badly managed by a Guy who couldn’t run a chook raffle in a pub. He has a permanent tenant on the main front arm that refuses to allow any boat to be moored anywhere near him and the manager panders to this request. The marina is also too expensive and has no facilities.



Situated about a kilometer up the river this older marina offers good overnight stays when cruising up to Fraser Isl. Can have a bit of current to make mooring tricky depending on the tide but price is right and facilities ok.



Tin Can bay is another nice friendly marina with a great attitude, although out of the way a little but if you want solitude it has it.

Urangan Harbour has two marinas. The Sandy straight marina and the Club Marina. Both are well catered and prices are very fair. The Club offers great facilities.



There are two marinas at the entrance of the river. The first one is very old and does not have a lot going for it. The main one a little further up the river has good facilities and is priced well. Current can be a problem in big tides (as are all river marinas) and forget it if there has been heavy rain for a few days as the river can flood very easily.



A small marina a long way up the Harbour. Not a lot of facilities. If the tide is ebbing you can expect 3 to 4 knots on the nose. Better to continue to Rosslyn Bay.



This marina has limited berths available most times. Biggest problem is it is so far up the Fitzroy river. Navigation can be a hazard for keel boats, you would be better to continue on to Yeppoon.



We found the marina at Rosslyn Bay (Yeppoon) can be one of the friendliest and best providing you don’t get served by the manager. His staff however are very polite. Price is right, and they have a courtesy car so you can go into town and do your shopping.



Mackay Marina has one big drawback. Because it is situated in an extremely high tide zone, at low tide (drops upwards of 30 feet) the ramps at the end of the pontoons are the steepest in Australia. If you have a bad ticker wait for high tide. The marina otherwise is very friendly but a bit out of town if you need to restock.



Priced over the top for what you get. The pub and restaurants are also very expensive. If you must visit then anchor opposite the entrance in Dent Passage and dinghy in to the public jetty.


ABLE POINT. (Airlie Beach)

New management has transformed the service and courtesy of this fine marina to ‘A’ class. My only complaint was the mooring fee is still too high for average cruisers but they offer a discount to members of The “Shaggers” yacht club. Their fuel prices are still very high.



There are three marinas here to choose from. Ross Creek has the Yacht club’s marina which is reasonably priced but very tight if you are over 45 feet, but has great facilities.

Breakwater Marina is the biggest marina and has now been dredged to accommodate all size vessels. Prices are a little steep compared to other marinas but it’s close to town and has fuel available. Facilities are excellent.

Nelly Bay marina, the third Marina, is known affectionately as “Maggie Marina”. This great boutique marina is situated on the beautiful Magnetic Island just 7 klm off Townsville. The new owner, Lance Jager, has told the existing manager, Kerry to keep the same great rates that yachties have been enjoying for years. I personally never go past “Maggie” marina when cruising north or south without dropping in for a few days R and R. The Island offers unparalleled scenery and some great historic walks. Facilities are first class. They even have a pool for you to cool off with. Set your plotter on 19.9.600s – 146.51.300e and head for the best little marina on the coast.




Marlin Marina at Cairns is always a favourite for it’s proximity to the city and all the shops. Prices are getting up there a bit but overall a good destination..

Yorkeys Knob just north of Cairns is one of our favourites. Not too expensive and right at the club. They have cheap diesel too. In Darwin we stay at Cullen Bay Marina. It is  a loch entry marina but otherwise a nice quiet place to stay abiet very expensive. They also charge for entry thru the lock (extremely expensive) and for power used.


MAGNETIC ISLAND. Recommended things to do.

Take a fun ride on  Blue Acid Trike & Harley Tours “BIG RED” the VW powered Trike. See the entire Island from the comfort and  safety Of the back seat whilst being driven around by Kerry’s wife

   Phone:  0457150597