The walk to the lighthouse from Pancake Creek was very picturesque


The original light keepers homes and storage sheds have been fully restored


The Bustard Head Lighthouse was Queensland’s first coastal lighthouse, made automatic in 1985 and the ‘keepers’ left in 1986. It was one of the last great lights to be automated.

It first started exhibiting in 1869 and was built from cast iron segments that were pre fabricated in England and shipped out.

It has a 1000 watt tungsten globe and can be seen up to 21 nautical miles away.

A visit to the Bustard Head lighthouse offers a journey into Australia's history and a great cultural and heritage experience.



The western view from the top looks down on to Jenny Lind creek.




 The southern view takes in the dangerous bar at the entrance to Jenny Lind creek.


 The lighthouse had it’s own cemetery which has so much history of past tenants.


  A few of the ‘keepers’ and their families are buried here on the hill.


Some of these graves have tragic stories and circumstances about their occupants.


 Tragically some were very young.


A lone sea eagle’s nest commands the best view from the top of Bustard Head.


 A huge 40 ft humpback whale and calf were trapped in Lady Musgrave lagoon


 Ralf was checking out the situation. The whale eventually escaped out the entrance.


The beautiful coloured sands of Rainbow Beach as we leave Wide Bay bar.


 The Double Island point light house looks spectacular perched high on the cliffs.