“Black Label” finally anchored up at Great Keppel Isl.



      Press interviewing the two ‘contestants’ before the start of the “G.K.I. Open Golf  Tournament”



          On the first tee we see Peter (Senior) hitting a smashing drive up the beach.


                    The dinghy parking was very prominent at the big game


     A unique type of tree on GKI. It’s fruit resembles fishing net floats of all sizes


                       Every man and his dog was heading to the big game.

         Annie caught (and quickly released) this rare colored Wobby Gong shark


   Peter off “Blue Chip” snared this beautiful cod on a 30 year old lure at Pearl Bay

         “Coral Sea” disappearing in 3 metre swells on the passage to Port Clinton.


All the boats handled the conditions pretty well. We had 25 knts plus all the way.

    All the skippers at Port Clinton getting over the rough passage…the best way!


             Black Label leaving port for a new anchorage and a new adventure.



         The old classic “Bell Cay” anchored up in Island Head. We had a BBQ on her that night


                Yvonne saying “how the hell does this washing machine work?”




    Beautiful shot of Sun going down at Island Head. Photo by Ruth on “Coral Sea”