Annie admitting to another birthday, any excuse for a glass of champagne.


         Off on another hard passage, I guess some ones got to do it.


        Running Ralf ashore when we could was a constant duty of care.


 We decided to tour Magnetic Isand and walk to the famous WW2 “Forts”


These wartime structures were built on the highest hills on the island.


The rock wallabies are everywhere on the island.


We hired a bike to tour around the island, it was a hoot. We used ½ litre of

petrol all day.  Annie wants one when we get back to do the shopping.


The bush walk was a tough one but we made it to the top


Mt. Bowen on Hinchinbrook. It is covered by cloud 90% of the time.



A couple of  nice Spotted  Grunter

           A bigger Grunter



What 8 mud crabs look like when they are cleaned and broken up.


A view from Gayunda Crk ( Hinchinbrook) with Mt. Bowen in the background.

Great fishing and crabbing with a fantastic backdrop.


A local resident who wasn,t all that friendly towards us fishing his creek.



The ‘Grey Navy’ anchored up in the Hinchinbrook Channel.


Early morning fog drifts over the mangroves…bloody beautiful.


Our boat in the for ground as the sun is about to rise over the mountain.

A spectacular shot as the sun reaches over to reflect in the creek.


A few minutes later we capture the sun and clouds and Mt. Bowen.


The same scene by midday…not quite as spectacular as the morning.


The gateway to Fitzroy Island resort. We stayed in the bay overnight.


A shot of a reef shark attacking bait fish along the beach at dusk.