Some of the 60 ships off Mackay waiting to go into Hays pnt. to load.



     We had to weave our way through them enroute to the Percy Islands.


     In “flight” travel info. Transposing the gps info into our 62 inch TV


    We saw lots of whales on the way, gotta be quicker with the camera.


  Ralf gets to travel first class when it gets rough in his bed with “Teddy”


     The stranded deck chairs (see Skippers diary) We got them back.


              Catching Whiting two at a time on Great Keppel Island.


            She just has to be one better, 2 Coral Bream at a time.


 The pristine water and white sand of Great Keppel will blow you away.


      A picnic setting on ‘GKI’ while Ralf guards the esky.